Sophie Conran for Arthouse - Posie Crimson

Sophie Conran for Arthouse - Posie Crimson

Inspired by a joyful childhood in the English countryside, the excitement of moving to the big city, and awe-inspiring travels across the globe, the new Sophie Conran for Arthouse Pattern Book Collection ‘Reflections’ is something to be treasured as much as the memories that inspired it. “Growing up in the English countryside gave me an appreciation of the beauty and peace to be found in nature. London was like a glittering playground filled with excitement and opportunity, culture and contradictions. Travel opened my eyes to the diversity and vibrancy of life. All these experiences of people and places formed my love and gratitude for the world we live in” - Sophie Conran.

‘Posie’ comes in fresh and uplifting colours. The nostalgic designs are reminders of the joy a simple posie or a heartfelt postcard brings. The delicacy of these designs and the quiet use of micas and metallics bring a romantic charm to these wallpapers.

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