Step by step guide on how to remove wallpaper without a steamer

To ensure a perfect finish to your new wallpaper you need to make sure your walls are prepped and ready. That means removing all the old wallpaper, which is relatively a simple job to do. There are different types of wallpapers which designed to be strippable, so you can peel them off the wall easily.

If you’re sure of removing the wallpaper, find a corner and start peeling. You’re lucky if it peels off in one big sheet, if not it may be old wallpaper and be more of a challenge.

Here is a guide on how to remove wallpaper with just water.

Tools you’ll need:

  • Wallpaper knife/scraper
  • Perforating tool or wallpaper scoring tool
  • Sprayer with water
  • Dust sheet


  1. Cover your floors with the dust sheets to ensure any wet wallpaper glue doesn’t stick to your floors.
  2. Fill your spray bottle with water
  3. Remove the top layer of wallpaper if possible
  4. Score the remaining wallpaper with your perforating tool
  5. Spray the wall liberally and allow it to soak into the wallpaper, we allowed for approx. 30 minutes. Note: Don’t rush this process. Let the water do most of the work.
  6. Once the wallpaper has loosened, you should be able to peel the wallpaper away with your wallpaper scraper, be careful not to gouge the wall underneath
  7. Ensure you remove all wallpaper and sponge off any residual adhesive with a clean, hot water to make sure you get all of the glue off
  8. Allow the surface to dry thoroughly, and you’re ready to redecorate!