Creative ways to use ArtiSTICK

ArtiSTICK, our peel and stick wallpaper a great way to quickly breathe life into a room. Install it on smooth, flat surfaces in just minutes and remove in seconds with no sticky residue left behind.
Great on walls, furniture, or even appliances, we've compiled a list of exciting ways to use peel and stick wallpaper that will up your interior design game. Keep reading to discover more creative ways to use this revolutionary decorating solution.
 ArtiSTICK upcycle
Little Nooks
We love how creative people get whether it be blocked up fireplaces or alcoves, add some style to the little areas that need that something extra.
The ceiling
Look up! Extend your wallpaper style up, up and away to the fifth wall of your home: your ceiling! With peel and stick it’s easy with no paste required.
Hang peel and stick wallpaper on a door for a large-scale statement, peel and stick wallpaper easily goes on any smooth, clean surface.
With the majority of us working from home there are some great ways spruce up the furniture in your home. Add some colour to your desk, to make them working days a little bit brighter. Get creative with your bedrooms furniture by adding ArtiSTICK to your bedside table, dresser drawers or wardrobe, it gives for a simple update.
Whether filled with books or ornaments applying wallpaper to the backing is a great to transform it, you could choose to cover the back of the shelves or the whole shelf!
Large appliances
The fridge is a well-used appliance, so why not revitalise your kitchen's style or make your laundry room sparkle with ArtiSTICK! Use peel and stick wallpaper on the walls or even on the washing machine itself for a chic, modern style.
Wall Art
Sometimes we love wallpaper so much you just have to frame it! Well with ArtiSTICK you can switch your Art up more often.