Wallpaper ideas for every room

When it come to decorating your home, wallpaper can be used in every room, here are just some thoughts as to how you can decorate your rooms with different wallpapers!


Hallway/entrance ideas

It’s the first room you see when your walk into your home and can set the style and tone for the rest of the house, so you can really inject your personality. Wallpapering a hallway is a great place to choose a print but couldn’t live with in your main living areas. Top tip for this room, is to choose a smaller pattern repeat so you can see more of the pattern, like our Pindorama!



Living room ideas

The living room is one of the most widely used rooms and is multi-purpose it’s there for important you pick a wallpaper design that creates an inviting and versatile room. When selecting your living room wallpaper, consider your space, chose a medium sized repeat and a colour that complements your furniture. Our Sequin Sparkle range is perfect to add in you living room giving you style.

Hot pink sequin wallpaper

How to home office

2020 has been the year of home office and there are plenty of options for decorating with wallpaper. You need to concentrate in your office, and you may find calming style wallcoverings great for you or more bolder designs and pattern repeats spark your creativity. If you don’t want to be distracted by your amazingly designed walls opt for behind your desk, it also makes for a great video call backdrop. How about our Banana Palm Charcoal



Wallpaper and kitchen match up

The kitchen may not be an obvious choice to wallpaper but is definitely worth considering. Being the heart of the home, kitchens are busy, bustling areas, which means you can really have some fun and match up the energy levels of the room. Create a visual focal point which can steer the eyes away from the practical side of a kitchen. How about our Jungle Wall?

Jungle Wall Wallpaper

Decorate your dining room

The room most often used in the evenings so decorating your dining room with wallpaper you have the ability to go dark and dramatic. Here is your chance to embrace the greys, the navy and emeralds in the room and go as elaborate as you feel with wallpaper designs. Another option is to go light and airy and create a tapestry feel. We love our Ginkgo Leaf design in navy for this.

Ginkgo Leaf Navy wallpaper

Do bathrooms and wallpapers mix

Yes, you can hang wallpaper in your bathroom, so you can say goodbye to floor to ceiling tiles on the wall and say hello to pattern. First things first though regardless of the type of wallpaper you go for, avoid hanging it near a direct source of water such a shower, or by the bath. We recommend using a vinyl wallpapers in this environment. This substrate is ideal because it has a top decorative layer that is impervious to the steam and moisture that is often found in a bathroom environment. Our Calico range includes a number of patterns and colours

Calico Dot wallpaper

Bedroom wallpaper pairings

Bedrooms and wallpaper are a classic pairing, in this room neutrals are prefect to create a calm and relaxing space. One of the biggest trends in bedrooms is the use of plant prints, so why not bring in some botanical designs to your bedroom walls but remember to keep things restful. Why not look at our grey coloured wallpaper for soft yet patterned styles.


Inspiring kids rooms

Kids’ rooms are somewhere you can have the ultimate in fun in decorating and it’s a great place to spark their imagination. Go for all our themes like safari theme, our elephant grove or just splash colour everywhere, a great wallpaper for this is our rainbow stripe.

Rainbow Stripe Wallpaper