Why did you become a designer?

It’s just been a naturally progression, from loving Art & Design at school, to studying Textile Design at University, to finally specialising in Print design and loving all things pattern and colour.

How long have you been in this profession?

I’ve been working as a designer for about 14 years now.

Why should people choose Arthouse for their wallpaper needs?

Because so much love and attention to detail goes into every design that we do. Every design is created from scratch in house, hand drawn/painted or created on CAD. We also see the designs through to production to make sure the customer has the best product to put up in their home.

What do they like about creating wallpapers?

Designing wallpaper gives you so much scope to create from so many different styles and themes, whether it’s, bold geometrics, colourful tropical’s, pretty florals or textures full of metallics and technique.

What is your preferred style?

I love creating designs with lots of interesting content and colour, so conversational tropical’s are always fun to work on

What design are you most proud of?

Probably Pindorama and Amazonia, I have seen them on Instagram, not just on the walls, but also used for upcycling projects which is very interesting!

My style at one point was the photographic florals, so some of my favourite designs are Momoka or Charlotte.

What is the best bit of your job?

I think doing something that you’re really passionate about and that you really enjoy. But also doing something you’ve been trained to do; I feel like I have accomplished what I wanted to do.

On day to day basis I think the best thing about it is the team that I work with. Because we all work together so well and even on stressful days the thought of coming in and doing your work is good, because everyone else comes and gears you up and gets you through the day. We have a very good banter, laughs, giggles and take the mic out of each other!

You spend your days designing products for people's homes, how does your home look from a design perspective?

Because I live in what used to be a mill, I have brick ceilings and exposed pipes so it’s quite industrial. I really like mono, so everything in the house is black and white with a little bit of colour. 

Even on what I wear, I really like black - I think that is a designer thing!