Design Director

Why did you become a wallpaper designer?

I’ve always been passionate about designing and creating product. I love the versatility of design and the scope of product categories that it offers, every day is unique and exciting.

How long have you been in this profession?

I've been in the industry over 24 years

Why should people choose Arthouse for their wallpaper needs?

Design is at the heart of our business, we deliver on trend, commercial and inspirational products to our customers.

We uniquely design everything in-house, with our very talented design team working across a wide range of product areas for every style of home.

Arthouse offer relevant and affordable products

What do they like about creating wallpapers?

To create product that customers feel is an extension of their personality, to offer a visual lifestyle statement is key.

Wallpaper quickly gives interiors a look and personality like no other product. 

What is your preferred style?

For me, design is about flexibility and continued newness, I find that I will gravitate to numerous styles in any given period. 

Design and style is personal and never fixed for me … one day I love graphical influenced styles, the next I’m into abstracts, ever open minded.

What is the secret to good design?

I think that looking at design from a commercial point of view is key. Stepping out from your own personal aesthetics and getting into the mindset of the customer and the particular brief set. Making designs relevant with an aspect of longevity is also important.

What is the best bit of your job? And the most challenging?

I love working with the creative team. Being a designer myself and coming from a creative background, I  love getting involved with all the creative side of things. The most challenging, I would say is the more admin side, the day to day running, when I just want to get onto the lovely creative!

How do you think Arthouse is different to its competitors?

I think we have got such an incredibly strong in-house design team. A lot of our customers are really surprised that we generate the artwork within Arthouse, rather than outsourcing it. We do work with other artists as well, but we have very strong artists and designers within the team. We regularly have mark making days, and the guys will paint and actually design in house, I think that’s where we are very different to our competitors. We try to encourage this, it’s fun and creative and really develops strong teamwork.