Was it easy to get a start in the industry?

Arthouse played a vital part in that for me, because they gave me a placement while I was at University, they liked me and then I came back for another paid placement for seven weeks during the summer holidays whilst I was at Uni. In between, I also won a prize at i-dot, so that was a great platform for me to meet people in the industry and introduce myself to professionals. After that, I gained employment as a curtain and bedding designer, but I returned to Arthouse when there was a position available because I loved it on placement and that’s where I belonged!


What is a typical day at Arthouse like?

Fast paced. Every day is different so there isn’t really a typical day. You could be drawing, painting, designing and working on files to be engraved and sent to factories or signing off wallpaper production in a factory somewhere in the world. 


What is the best bit of your job?

Definitely the people and also the travel. I think we have a really fun hardworking atmosphere here in the studio. Everyone is really supportive and pulls together, we work really well as a team and I think I’ve made real forever friends here!

And the travel as well, you get to go to countries you wouldn’t necessarily go to and see bits of sightseeing as you go along.


What does good design look like to you?

I think a good design has something new to offer, something that people haven’t seen before. It’s executed to a high standard and has a twist of colour or an interesting combination of colours. It’s widely liked and interesting to look at and it has lots of finishes and technique like as glitter, metallic, gloss and just pops of the shelf and makes people want to buy it. 


You spend your days designing products for people's home, how does your home look from a design perspective?

My house is a little cosy 250 years old cottage, it’s got wooden beams and wonky walls so it’s quite quirky! The character is quite prominent of the properly already so we’ve just got flat paint on the walls, lots of house plants, and cosy rugs and throws and cushions that complement the colour scheme of the room as well. It’s definitely scandi influenced, it’s quite paired back but I think when you design all day you like to have a bit of a break from pattern when you get home. 


Dream holiday destination?

Paris, I love Paris! I just love the patisseries, the coffee shops, lifestyle, culture, the art galleries, the romance of the whole city, and the way it is! And then Lisbon is probably second, with all the coloured pretty tiles, and the pave streets, and the buildings.


Apple Pie: Custard or Ice Cream? (By the way, the correct answer is warm Apple Pie and Ice Cream)

Definitely ice cream!! Because I love the hot and the cold mixture.

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