Helen Briggs

Senior Designer

As one of the longest “Arthouse servants”, you have designed hundreds (if not thousands) of wallpapers; but which wallpaper design are you most proud of?

The design that I am most proud of was a design called Felicity. it was so unusual and unique but sold incredibly well. It was a collage put together from antique shop and flea market finds and even featured some of my jewellery!


How would you describe what a typical day at Arthouse is like?

What’s really great about working at Arthouse is that there is no typical day! Everyday throws new challenges, it’s always busy, yet fun so it’s really enjoyable.


Tell us something about yourself people might be surprised by…

People might be surprised to know that I worked for a wall covering and fabric company in the Netherlands for a couple of years. I lived in the Netherlands and Germany which was a great experience.


You spend your days designing products for people’s homes, but how does your home look like from a design perspective?

My days are filled designing colourful strong patterns with a high fashion influence but actually when I get home, I like my home to be a blank canvas and quite calm. I would say my style is modern country with shades of warm greys, woven checks and a chalked off palette.


What’s your hidden talent?

Well, one thing people might be surprised at is that I learnt to scuba dive at the ripe old age of 45…I even got to my advanced certificate stage…so whoever says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks …think again!


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?

I love being in the countryside, gardening, walking, growing my own fruit and veg- does this sound incredibly boring...? I just love being the fresh air!


And your dream holiday destination?

I’m as happy in the UK believe it or not as a sun-drenched beach but I do love swimming in warm sea… so that does rule out the UK for 360 days I guess!