What is the best bit of your job?

When I’ve been working on something for so long and I present it to the wider team I love getting their reaction (only if it’s good!), because then you know you’ve done a good job, you’ve answered the brief, and you’ve full-filled it. When you get a positive reaction is when you know you’re on track and you’re doing the right thing.

Also, being part of a team, that’s really important. Seeing and sharing all the ideas together, you’re not alone in it.


You’ve worked for Arthouse for a while now, how much has it changed since you started?

The team has grown so much since I first started, it has more than doubled, if not quadrupled! The team and the processes are much more organised. I think the market has also changed in a way, we’re now going into more exciting areas, where we’re not just concentrating on our key accounts, but we’re having the freedom to look at other things as well and other areas of design.


What does good design look like to you?

It’s more how it feels as well as how it looks. If I’m excited by it, if I feel inspired by it, if I can see it in so many different scenarios, then is when I know it’s got longevity. Or sometimes is just excitement initially if I’m honest!


What are you happiest doing?

Just spending time with the family at home. Go for walks and bike rides and just relaxing. Very simple!


Finish the sentence, my dream holiday destination would be…:

Anywhere in Scotland. Completely remote, with the boys and the family and that’s it.


Apple Pie: Custard or Ice Cream (By the way, the correct answer is warm Apple Pie and Ice Cream)

Ice cream. Absolutely.

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