Designer / Colourist


Why did you become a  designer?

I became a designer as I was given an apprenticeship when I was 18, as I had done 3 art A-levels and after that I wanted to work instead of going to university as wanted to earn a wage. I was employed by john wilmans textiles/collorol wallpaper.

How long have you been in this profession?

I have been in the industry now for 25 years.

Why should people choose Arthouse for their wallpaper needs?

Everyone should choose our wallpaper as we have the best artist/designers that the industry can offer...with the most original ideas that any company can offer. We aim to be the best, as time has gone by factories have come up with new ways to produce complicated designs that many years ago could not be done, this has given the designers more scope to design, knowing that what we design can be produced and that it doesn't have to be broken down to a simpler design.

What is your preferred style?

My preferred design skills are effects using photography and also I love painting and using different materials to come up with different textures and touchable designs.

How did you get started in the world of wallcoverings?

It was relatively easy. I had an interview with another wallpaper and textile company back in 1996, I just wanted to get my foot on the door, so I went for a marketing job. She asked me why was I going there for a marketing job when I could draw, so I met the MD and it took me from there and became an apprentice.

Was it always clear to you that you wanted to be a designer?

Yes, I always wanted to be an artist, as I was good at art and I always considered that if you can draw is a type of gift, that then you can get better at and if you can make a career out of it then even better!

Is there any design that you’re particularly proud of?

Yes, I would say Elephant Grove, because it’s all drawn by hand and it has been and still is very successful. I’ve seen it used in all different types of rooms as well which is very interesting to see.

What’s the most fulfilling part of your job?

I’d say the best bit of my job is to actually getting a pencil and drawing!