Wallcoverings Technical Manager


I hear you are in charge of the music in the studio – what tracks do you play to get everyone in the mood?

Being the “unofficial” music maestro of the studio, I have quite a wide selection of music that I’m very fond of, it can range from golden oldies to more upbeat modern rock and pop stuff, I’m quite open minded to many different music styles!


If you had to choose one group…?

I would say that one of my favourite bands is Muse, so anything by Muse would get me inspired!


What would you say was the most challenging aspect of your role?

Getting my day to day activities in order so I know what I’m going to be doing that day can be a challenge. It’s a free flowing and easy workplace environment we are in, so staying organised can be a bit challenging. But at the same time, it is something I really enjoy, the dynamic nature of my job, because no day is the same. I’m happy with the variety of my role.


Go on… tell us something about you people might be surprised by.

I used to be on a music band, just me and my friends, I was the rhythm guitarist and singer of the band, we used to play covers of Oasis, Beatles, Elbow and other bands like that. We really enjoyed the sessions we did together, but family and work life took priority in the end. Maybe we’ll have a reunion tour one day.


You should! - Describe yourself at home in three words

Dad - this is one I get called quite a lot!


What’s the third one…? My wife would be quite good at answering this! But let’s not ask her… I’ll go for playful.


What are you currently watching on TV?

I’m watching a couple of things at the moment, a nice easy watch is The Goldbergs, which is just silly fun, it reminds me a lot to Malcom in the Middle. It is just good to have in the background whilst the girls need entertaining. I can carry on doing father stuff whilst that’s on! But then at night when me and the missus get to chill out, we would probably watch something a bit grittier like Mindhunter, that’s quite a good one. We like to watch crime documentaries, a good one is Making a Murder. But then we also like the Action/Adventure stuff; Lost in Space, Peaky Blinders, Stranger Things. I really liked the nostalgic 80s horror feel to that show.

And then we’re big into movies, so we would go to the cinema and watch whatever is new. Last one was Joker which was really good!

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