Have you always wanted to be a designer?

Yes, I always wanted to be a designer as a child, and then as I got more into high school, I wanted to be a fashion designer. I did textiles and fashion at college and then decided from that that I was actually more into the textiles and surface patter side. I went on to Uni and did surface pattern as a degree which could then translate into fashion or interiors. 


How easy was to get a start in the industry?

It wasn’t easy at all. I did a lot of unpaid placements whilst working a part time job. I even did placements in my gap year travelling in Australia. After travelling, I got offered a job here at Arthouse following my placement here from the year before.


Something people would be surprised by…?

I enjoy the gym 5 days a week doing a strength training programme with my PT weightlifting.


What’s the style of your home at the moment?

My home is quite eclectic and filled with keepsakes from travelling or accessories from the Indian Home Sense collections! Most things in my home are from many different countries and also Arthouse! I love Moroccan and Oriental styles, so it’s quite different. I don’t like grey or white in my home, I like colour, lots of colour and pattern in the home!


What do you like doing outside work?

I love to travel. I like to go to a different country every holiday and experience different cultures. I am more of an activist adventurer than a holiday beach bum! When I’m not on holiday even at home I like seeing lots of different places and walking, getting out in the outdoors with my boyfriend and my little dog Meeko.


What holiday is still on your bucket list?

I have been a lot of different places but one of the ones still on my bucket list is Disney World! I am a massive Disney fan and have been to Disney Paris but not Florida. It is a big holiday that I wouldn’t want to spare any expense on for it to be amazing so I’m waiting for the time we have enough money and time to go. Definitely a honeymoon dream for the future!


Out of all the designs that you’ve worked on, which one are you most proud of?

Mermazing! It was one of the first out in the market and its right up my street on the inner child in me! I love all things iridescent, shiny, fluffy and glittery! I first did the montage and decided the scales would be the perfect plain to sit with it for all the mermaid and unicorn lovers. I had a lot of fun designing this and giggling to myself coming up with the name.