You always wanted to be a designer?

Yes, as far as I can remember I did. When I was younger I used to decorate my mum’s house whilst she was out, but she quite liked it, so it was ok!


Was it easy to get a start in the industry?

No, it wasn’t it was quite difficult actually at the beginning. I started my own business, originally, I started doing some home decorative product design and started my own website and using social media to sell it. I did the Christmas Markets in Manchester too which was great but hard work. I think I was just really lucky to be in the right place at the right time when I got my first job. But yes, it was hard at first.


What is a typical day at Arthouse like? 

A typical day at Arthouse is fun, we’re always laughing and there is a really good atmosphere in the studio which helps with our busy workload! I do spend most of my time on my mac designing but sometimes we’re out in stores researching, sometimes I’ll be working on one project one day, on another the next so every day is different and varied, which is good.  


Describe yourself at work in three words

This is a hard one… but I’d say dedicated, enthusiastic and positive.


You spend your days designing products for people's homes, how do your home look from a design perspective?

Well… It’s dark and cosy. But I do change it quite a lot! I’ll see something at work, or while I’m out looking for inspiration and I’ll go “uh! I like that”! So my partner gets a bit like “what is she going to do now…?”


What Netflix series are you currently watching?

I’m watching Breaking Bad at the moment, yeah… I’m a bit late but I’m really enjoying it, it’s going very well!


Finish this sentence. On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me...

In bed!