Aqua-Blue – The latest trend alert!

July 24, 2017

Aqua-Blue – The latest trend alert!


Create a Summery atmosphere in your home decorating with Aqua Blue wallpaper and accessories!

This greenish-blue shade is very versatile and it can be paired with different colours to achieve different moods.

Combine it with white or cream for a coastal/nautical feel; with silvers and golds for a show-stopping effect; or with complementary shades such as corals for a fun look!

Scroll down for some inspiration…

Pindorama Navy Cameo

Pindorama Navy (690101), Holed Mirror White (008263), Freddie the Flamingo (008253)


Glitterati Plain Emerald (892105), Glitterati Plain Midnight Blue (892200), Teal Sequin Cushion (008332), Gold Sequin Cushion (008330), Sunbeam Mirror Gold (008314)


Mystical Forest Teal (664801), Mystical Forest Teal Cushion (008294)

Kimora teal roomset

Kimora Teal (293002), Suki Gold (293101), Suki Peacock capped canvas (004758), Suki Gold Foil Cushion (004765)

 Butterfly roomset

Teal 3D Glitter Butterfly Canvas (004302), Bahia White wallpaper (690401), Pindorama Cushion (008317)

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