Bring the flavour of the spring – not only with floral wallpaper

July 30, 2015

Bring the flavour of the spring – not only with floral wallpaper

It is now time to  enjoy  probably the most fabulous season of the year; Spring. It’s time to fling open those windows and doors and let some beautiful sun and fresh air into your home.

It is at this time of the year when we just want that fresh and vibrant energy introduced into the home that only Spring can bring, and here at Arthouse we have a beautiful selection of products to help you out and make it possible.

Our Lagoon design (part of our successful Lochs and Lagoons collection), adds without doubt a tropical and fresh touch to any home. It’s not just the delicate design of the flamingos, but also its vivid colour palette and metallic accents what make this a timeless and very unique design. Create your very own feature wall with this ‘fabric feel’ vinyl wallcovering.

If you would like to get a slightly more romantic and feminine feeling, but remaining fresh and joyful, our very gorgeous “Postcards” by Sophie Conran for Arthouse with metallic accents comes in fresh and uplifting colours. The nostalgic designs are reminders of the joy a simple posie or a heartfelt postcard brings. The delicacy of these designs and the quiet use of micas and metallics bring a romantic charm to these wallpapers.


Simple yet effective, our colourful striped wallpaper designs such as Lorelli (available in fantastic colour combinations such as green and pink or blue and red) can also provide a smart and geometric edge, whilst still remaining bright and bold…


But of course we can’t talk about spring without mentioning the flowers, especially when here at Arthouse we are experts on them! We’ve designed over the years a wide variety of floral wallpaper designs that go from the most bold and striking and most opulent florals to delicate and subtle and discreet flowered patterns. Our latest floral design is called Charmed and it is part of our Opera brand. This beautiful design shows photographic flowers and birds in vivid colours and with metallic accents. Available with a white or blue background, any of these options is a hit for this spring summer / season.


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