Decorating with Grey

August 25, 2017

Decorating with Grey

Are you thinking about updating your décor and bring a fresh breeze to it? It may be time to try decorating with grey…

Even though grey can be perceived as a cold shade, it actually is the perfect colour to bring balance and sophistication to any décor. Our design team at Arthouse, have explored different shades of greys and silvers, alongside different finishes and effects that enhance this on trend colour.

Our recently launched Eastern Alchemy collection features a selection of oriental inspired designs, such as Suki, Kyasha, Meili and Kimora all adorned in a rich texture, will surely bring a sense of calmness to your interiors.

Meili Gunmetal Silver - 293007 nat

Grey is one of the most versatile colour hues of the spectrum, with each shade of grey being able to create a different look and ambience in any room. Create a dark and dramatic, masculine look by adding accents of silver and/or black to a medium/light shade of grey… On the image below, we have created a contemporary look using different sized panels are wallpapered with our  Sirius Gunmetal wallpaper, creating a dramatic effect and a sense of sophistication.

Sirius Gunmetal Main Roomset

When grey is combined with soft shades such as pastel blues or pinks, the effect is completely the opposite, airy and fresh!  To create this atmosphere, use a loft wooden panel wallpaper like our Salcombe Bay and enhance it with a touch of soft blues, to create the on-trend Nautical look.

Salcombe Bay

Although grey may not be the first colour that springs to mind when thinking of kids’ bedroom schemes, accent colours such as yellows and blues create an inviting space to play and study. Go on trend with grey and lime for a more grown up edge with our Superhero and Jester wallpaper designs. Finish the theme off with our interactive and co-ordinating accessories.

superhero grey wallpaper kids bedroom ideas

Pink in the bedrooms are not just for 5-year-old girls… when teamed up with grown-up designs and colours, the effect is wonderful and very soothing. Below, our Camarillo design from Imagine Fun 1 collection combined with blush pink linen, creates a pretty atmosphere in the bedroom.

Camarillo grey roomset

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