Embrace the botanical greenery trend

March 1, 2017

Embrace the botanical greenery trend

Green is beginning to dominate interiors again – and we love it!

Even if is not within the neutral colour palette, the truth is that green is a very versatile colour that can be combined with a wide variety of colours. You can create a juicy fresh look by pairing it with pink shades or emphasize the natural world by combining it with neutrals and wood effects.

Greenery is an organic shade immerged in the modern life, that brings positivity and energy to any ambience, weather this is minimal, eclectic or even vintage. It can be incorporated in your home in small doses with home accessories such as, leafy cushions and botanical pieces of wall art, or you can go for a total look with any of our on trend wallpaper designs with greenery motifs. Watch this space – our design studio is currently experimenting, with exciting ideas for the new season’s range of wall art.

The spectrum of materials that look great with this colour is truly wide; from white or grey woodwork to glass or metallic finishes, such as gold or bronze will pair perfectly.

Your botanical look won’t be completed without a selection of actual bright and bold green plants. They will add an airy atmosphere in your interiors, whilst complementing this trend beautifully! But taking care of plants can be challenging and is not always as straight forward as we would wish… If you have decided that you must have a portion of nature within your walls, cactuses are your salvation! Their unusual geometric shape makes them the perfect decorative accessory and they barely need any attention!

What is sure is, that botanical greens and natural textures hint towards a sustainable future where products are recycled, re-engineered and composites.

Amazonia wallpaper

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Diamond Tree green – 259000

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