Find your perfect floral wallpaper

July 27, 2017

Find your perfect floral wallpaper

Nature in general and flowers in particular have always been a great source of design inspiration for  our wallpaper and home accessories. From subtle illustrative floral trails, to blooming photographic dense-coverage compositions, here at Arthouse we have an extensive range of floral patterned products to suit every taste, scheme and budget.

Macro Florals

Make a real statement and achieve a luxurious look with super-sized floral designs. Create your own enchanted garden with the photographic flowers of Annabel or Momoka – don’t miss the pleated effect of the latter (on both, the wallcovering and the frieze).

Dressing up your sitting areas with a show-stopping cushion will also add a uber trendy touch to your decor.

Momoka photographic floral collage

Vertical Placement

Create a sense of optimism and brighten up you spaces with vertical floral trails. Let the colours reflect this mood too and embrace bright shades such as pink, orange or blue, through your accessories to achieve the ultimate spring vitality mood!

Mitzu vertical florals collage

Black and White

Modernise your spaces and get a contemporary look with monochromatic floral wallpapers, where the focus is entirely on the design. The exceptional Catarina wallpaper design shows an on-trend Jacobean trail flower with metallic and mica effects for an absolute WOW effect. On the other hand, a subtler design such as Chinoise in black and white will add an interesting touch to your walls without overloading the look.

Catarina black and white - 690800

Birds and Insects

Take a step further and embrace the outdoors in all its glory! Sophisticated birds and insects populate floral designs adding a sense of movement and a touch of colour to them. Cheerful butterflies emerge from dark backgrounds for a powerful effect on your walls in our Eastern Alchemy collection of wall art.

Click HERE to see our range of floral wallcoverings that will help you bring the sense of nature indoors.

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