Getting to know Non-Woven (paste the wall) wallpaper

May 12, 2017

Getting to know Non-Woven (paste the wall) wallpaper

When it comes to choose the wallpaper for your next decoration project, design is important, but it shouldn’t be the only decisive factor. There are several different wallpaper substrates, with different properties and application processes, which you need to consider before your next project. Baring this in mind, will help you deciding which wallpaper to go for and it will help you to avoid disappointments.

The world of wallpaper has experienced a revolution in recent years with the introduction of non-woven also known as ‘paste the wall’ wallcoverings. This substrate is made of both natural and synthetic fibres, which means that the wallpaper is both breathable and washable. When we say it’s breathable, we mean there’s no vapor lock that can create mould, which may happens with other substrates. This characteristic makes non-woven substrate ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Non-woven wallcoverings can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water so it’s a perfect option for heavy traffic areas of the home.

In terms of application, non-woven wallpaper is the most user-friendly option in the market yet, very easy to hang and hassle free! So instead of pasting the paper, with non-woven you paste the wall instead, and the wallpaper can be placed dried against the wall. It doesn’t require any soaking time, so it’s not just easier but quicker as well.

Non-woven wallpaper is also tear resistant, which makes very easy its application, it can be easily repositioned, and even the entire strip can be removed and rehung from scratch, without damaging neither the wall or the wallpaper.

Summarising, here are some good reasons to try non-woven ‘paste the wall’ wallpaper:

  • Great for DIY project for its easy installation
  • No soaking time needed
  • Breathable, perfect for kitchens and bathrooms
  • It won’t expand or contract
  • It can be easily cleaned, perfect for heavy traffic areas
  • Non-woven can be easily removed dried

You can see our wide range of non-woven wallcoverings in the following collections:

Happy Decorating!

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