Room dividers: Divide and conquer

July 17, 2017

Room dividers: Divide and conquer

At Arthouse we recognise that we demand a lot from our homes and that sometimes our space should feel like a sanctuary; at other times it needs to be clearly defined working area, a sophisticated designed statement, a family room or just a fun space to spend time. Arthouse have created a collection of room dividers that are both decorative and functional that will allow you to update our interiors with classic and contemporary pieces.

Our bright collection of vibrant, bold, happy and quirky screens will never fail to lift our mood. From contemporary cottage garden full of bursting bloom, bright colours of Kyasha Blush; we look at the beauty of the nature and turn up the colour.

Black and white create bold and dramatic statements in any room whatever its size… whether you used in conjuction, or as an all over single block effect. Our collection of monotones is bang on trend; sophisticated, powerful and authoritative.

Plush purples and plums are considered to be the ultimate in luxury with colour. Opulent sophisticated and regal, a room with these colours reflects passion and confidence. The colour palette of these screens is mixed using sophisticated reds and calming blues, purples remains a colour of mystery. With the ability to be warm or cool, dependent on what colour it is teamed with can change the whole feel of home.

Our Lochs and Lagoons screen’s collection have been inspired by the breathtaking natural beauty of the highlands and picturesque views of sun-soaked lagoons to bring a capsule collection that is definitely ruffling some feathers. In conclusion, these are real showstopping designs on a statement accessory for the home.

Get the whole look by co-ordinating wallcoverings, screens, wall art pieces, photo frames, quirky and colorful cushions, sets storage boxes, contemporary mirrors… Browse our products by collections here.

Inspiration Mystical Forest

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