The ultimate metallic wallpaper

April 4, 2018

The ultimate metallic wallpaper

The ultimate light reflecting metallic wallpaper to complement to your home

We have seen the use of precious metallic finishes and mineral colours in the home grow steadily in the past few seasons, as people seek for a touch of opulence in their homes.

This massive trend comes in numerous shapes and finishes; from all “four-wall” light reflecting wallpaper, to smaller home accessories such us candle-holders, handles or metallic cushions.

Let’s have a look at how Arthouse has interpreted this trend…

Mirroring metallics

Reflective, chromed finished accents give interiors a smooth and futuristic look, especially when worked in a soft and organic form. An effect that we’ve achieved with our Crushed Velvet and Mineral Foil wallpapers, created to add a soft touch and a bright finish to any wall. These textured wallpapers are available in two colourways; on-trend soft rose-gold and a timeless silver shades.

mirrored metallic wallpaper

Metallic patterns

Far from being just about solid colours, metallic accents can be incorporated in many different styles. geometric, organic, floral or stripe motifs are finished with a metallic brushstroke to provide them with that popular luxurious touch. Below, Bosco Gold showcases a light catching vertical leaf trail embellished with a deep emboss that will add great texture to any wall.

Bosco Gold metallic wallpaper

Much more than Gold, Silver and Bronze

Even though these are the most popular shades, don’t associate metallic wallpaper just with gold, silver and bronze, as nowadays metallic decor comes in the most unexpected range of colours. See for example our brand-new Foil in Bloom Fuchsia, packed with multi-coloured blooming flowers is sure to make a statement!

coloured metallic wallpaper

Finishing Touches

But if all-over shine is not your thing, you can simply add metallic as an accent of colour to your interiors. Consider investing in mirrored, stainless-steel furniture, a crystal chandelier or a show-stopping mirror to finish off the room. Soft fabrics such as silks and satins will also help you tie the scheme nicely.

sequin cushions

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