Get the perfect Tropical decor at home

May 28, 2018

Get the perfect Tropical decor at home

Many of us are probably already daydreaming about our summer holiday; long walks by the sea enjoying the light and colour of the hottest season of the year…

And what about bringing this fabulous atmosphere to your interiors?

Our Tropics collection features a selection of bold and exotic patterned wallpaper designs, cushions, wall art and mirrors. Everything you need to make a statement whilst remaining very stylish.

So, how can you embrace this vivid trend?

Amazonia Citrus wallpaper

Amazonia is probably one of our favourites, this bright tropical leaf design is finished with a high gloss technique that makes it even more vibrant! An energetic pattern that brings light and joy to any room.

The Tropical trend is unique in its style, it can be brought to any interior in different levels and moods. For example, our Pindorama design, available in two different colourways, features colourful fuchsias and delicate orchids, but these contrast with a deep and rich coloured background, which makes this design perfect to create a lavish and opulent mood in any room.

PIndorama 2 colourways

  • Create your feature wall:

Feature walls are simple but they can still transform your rooms. They offer the opportunity to try new patterns and looks in small doses. When we create new collections we always include plain or textured designs that can be co-ordinated across the whole collection. When we started designing Tropics, we felt very strong about Ipanema, which shows a contemporary animal skin effect and Salvador, which is a subtle concrete looking wallpaper with a metallic finish. Team a bold pattern with a plain design to get a sophisticated look.


Catarina Pink roomset

  • Finish off the room with the right accessories:

You can create a statement in any room all year round with exotic glossy tropical prints, our freestanding flamingo and our wide collection of tropical cushions.

Tropical accessories

So whether you want to embrace this trend at its maximum extent or simply splash around tropical accents, this collection will surely bring a summery atmosphere to your interiors!

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