Wallpaper from the World

February 8, 2018

Wallpaper from the World

Observing the world is probably the greatest source of inspiration for our creative team. From the natural beauty of the Great British countryside, to the exoticism of Asian cultures, our designers seek for any inspiring detail that may develop onto the latest home enhancement. Let’s take a journey through some of the most evident examples of destinations that have inspired Arthouse products.

Tiled facades Brasilia

Embellishing Portugal and Spain since the 15th century, tiles were originally used to control buildings’ temperature. Now, they (also) delight locals and tourists with powerful colours and patterns.

Our Brasilia wallpaper, part of our Tropics collection, replicates that refreshing geometric effect for your walls. This tile-effect wallpaper design is available in three different colour-ways: Natural, Grey, and Blue.

Italy and its classic ArchitecturePalladio

Where to start? Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan… Whether you go to a big city or to a small town, Italy is full of architectural treasures that are worth contemplating – and if you’re having an Italian ice-cream whilst contemplating, then even better! The pleasing symmetry of the buildings and their timeless beauty have been inspiring the creative industries for centuries! A section of our Boutique collection, including Palladio wallpapers and room divider, as well as our range of architectural framed prints, aim to reflect the beauty of this era.

Japanese cherry blossoms – Kotori

Cherry Blossoms are much more than beautiful flowers in Japan, they are in fact one of the national flowers of the country. When in between March and May they bloom across Japan, they transform the country in a beautiful nature festival, where people gather together to enjoy the spectacular views with friends, food and drink.

This especial celebration has inspired many of our Eastern Alchemy products, such as the sumptuous Momoka wallpaper, frieze and mirror… where our designers have reinterpreted this traditional element to create a fashion-forward home accessory.

The Highlands – Highland

Locations are a key ingredient to the success of James Bond films – in addition to attractive cast and clever gadgets, of course! On Skyfall, we saw agent 007 (starred by Daniel Craig) returning to his family Estate in Glen Coe, in the Scottish Highlands. A fantastic opportunity for us all to enjoy the breath-taking beauty of the mystical Highlands on the big screen.

Aside from films and literature, The Highlands have inspired an interior design style, where warmth and softness come first. Our designers captured this concept on the Lochs and Lagoons collection of wallcoverings and home accessories that features traditional designs such as a tartan, with a contemporary twist.

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