Wipe Clean Wallpaper Hanging Instructions - English


  1. Before starting, check for defects, pattern match, shading (edge to edge and roll to roll. Ensure all the batch numbers are the same. Retain all labels in the event of a complaint.
  2. Prepare the walls. Surfaces should be dry and smooth. Fill in any cracks and holes. Pre-line the wall to ensure a uniform colour.
  3. Cut the lengths to size allowing a margin at the top and bottom for trimming. Use a ready mixed adhesive. Paste a generous coat of adhesive to the back of the wallpaper from the centre outwards out ensuring the edges are well covered. Avoid getting paste on the patterned side as this could cause damage.
  4. Fold the paper, adhesive side in and allow to soak to ensure full expansion of the paper, normally 5 - 8 minutes.
  5. Hang the first length vertically using a plumb line or spirit level. Smooth the paper evenly using a decorators brush to expel any air bubbles.
  6. Carefully trim along the top and bottom.
  7. Butt joint subsequent lengths and avoid overlapping. Inspect after hanging 3 lengths. The decision to continue is the decorator’s responsibility.
  8. Carefully wipe off any excess paste immediately using a sponge and clean water only. Dried on paste could damage the surface of the paper and leave white marks. Turn off all radiators and allow to dry naturally to prevent shrinkage.


IMPORTANT: For best results, follow these instructions carefully.

Use Dry Wipe pens only (Toulene and Xylene free) only. Do not use permanent markers, felt tips, ball point pens, crayons or pencils. Cleaning: Do Not Dry Wipe. Gently wipe using a clean cloth and warm soapy water or a baby wipe / wet wipe.


If a fault is found, stop the job and return all unopened rolls and labels to the retailer where they were purchased. We cannot be held liable for consequential loss for defects apparent prior to hanging. No claims in excess of 1 roll can be allowed for defects which are visible at the time of hanging.