7 amazing ways to use room dividers

Reorganise your room or create a small slice of privacy with a room divider. Our stylish selection incorporates our wallpaper designs, to help you add a striking look to any room.

Our three-fold room dividers are versatile pieces and a fun way to transform a room, here are some ways you can use yours.

Hide clutter

You accumulate a lot of thing throughout life and sometimes you just can’t bear to part with it, well the messy shelf can now be hidden. Or hide your child’s toys behind them before the in laws come around. 

Social distance yourself

Working in an office but want to make sure your colleagues keep a safe distance away from you? Divide up your space with a room divider.

Headboard with a difference

Spruce up your divan bed with a room divider as a head board, our room dividers can be unfolded flat so they can be placed against a wall, put them behind your bed and you have yourself a stylish headboard. 

Changing area

Screen off a little space in your master bedroom as a changing area, just like the old movies. 

Home Office Area

This year more people have worked from home but spare rooms aren’t an option for some people so why not use as a room divider in the corner or by your desk to give yourself a quiet spot to work or use it as a background for video calls.

As a Room Divider

Want to separate you living/dining room? Place a room divider to close off an area and to define an entry into the space.

Room art

Bring a splash of colour to your room and them move it around, no need to hang, or place on a shelf.


Add a stylish touch of flexibility to your home with a sleek room divider.