An overview of Heimtextil 2020

Over the past few weeks we have been extremely busy here at Arthouse with all the preparations, attendance and follow up of Heimtextil - the largest international fair for wallcoverings and textiles. Four days at the beginning of the year that are perfect to meet with customers, suppliers and to have a walk around the halls to see what everyone is presenting for the year that just started. Here is a short round up of the highlights of the hall through the eyes of Fran, one of our very talented designers…

Heimtextil 2020 was full of colour and pattern! The textile halls focused on rich greens and bright oranges, navy blue was still prevalent, and we saw lots of interesting colour combinations coordinated with grey such as ochre, orange and teal. The fabrics themselves were very tactile with lots of velvet and heavy fabrics finishes.

The wallpaper hall featured some very ornate themes with tropical and large blooms still remaining a big trend. Bold and vivid in colour, some of these designs came in a painterly and artistic style with larger scales particularly on murals being explored. There was also a more subtle and organic botanical trend apparent that crossed over into organic geometrics in some places.

Geometrics seemed to take a new twist with subtle and clever use of textures and refined 3D shadows to emulate or enhance embosses adding depth and definition. We also saw embroidered style embossed lines on wallpaper giving a fabric effect on a few different stands. 

Animal skins are still a key trend, we saw them particularly in the textile hall with it being used in leaf motifs and layered up to create a new look. The global trend was also still a strong trend around all design halls and as was the Japanese and oriental with heron birds being a key icon.

The Arthouse stand was very on trend with tropical, floral, ornate damask designs on show and of course the new sequin product was an eye catcher that brought many people onto the stand! The kids designs were also a focal point with space and jungle themes being in the spotlight. Overall the stand looked amazing and was very popular with customers and the general public throughout the week.