Can I use wallpaper in the bathroom? Yes, but here is how.

Bathrooms are high-use rooms, often purely functional with a slight clinical feel to them. This is however an excellent place in the house to create your very own retreat, “me-time” space, and wallpaper can be the key to bring that element of uniqueness and design that will transform the space.

There are some things you need to take into account when choosing wallpaper for your bathroom. To start with (an obvious one); regardless of the type of wallpaper you go for, avoid hanging it near a direct source of water such a shower, or by the sink.

Our recommendation is to use vinyl wallpapers in this environment. This substrate is ideal because it has a top decorative layer that is impervious to the steam and moisture that is often found in a bathroom environment.

Fear not, we have plenty of wonderful designs that come in this substrate; here is a roundup of some of our favourites:

Our Diamond Tropical Mono wallpaper is a bold and contemporary design ideal to create a tropical heaven in your bathroom. It’s finished with a subtle glitter of glitter that catches the light from every angle bringing a sense of luxury to any room, in this case the bathroom. This is an ideal choice if you have white furniture in your bathroom as it will match perfectly.

Diamond Tropical Palm Bathroom wallpaper

Another great wallpaper option to bring a tropical touch to your bathroom is our Lazzaro Blue wallpaper. Luxurious and elegant, this wallpaper is not just beautiful in design and colour, but also tough and hardwearing which makes it perfect for a busy room like a bathroom. Check out this video on Instagram to see how our customer Berry used it on the walls and the ceiling of his bathroom.


If you’re a fan of the soothing effect of neutral colourways our Diamond Fern Silver is for you. It comes in a cool modern neutral colour with a cream leaf pattern, it’s very likely to match perfectly with whichever style of furniture you’ve got in your bathroom whether this is modern or traditional.

diamond Fern Grey bathroom wallpaper

If you happen to have a greatly ventilated bathroom you should be ok using standard wallpaper too, in any way, your options are endless!