Time to bring the outdoors in

You may find yourself thinking about how to make your home a more comfortable, stylish and productive space. If DIY projects that you’ve been putting off, like decorating and wallpapering, are now back on the agenda, we’ve got a few ideas that might inspire you.

As spring starts to emerge outdoors, why not bring the same look and feel into your home? The tropical and botanical trends, that are so key at the moment, are a great way to bring nature indoors, helping to create a relaxed and welcoming environment. 

It might be that you believe a splash of colour will boost the mood. Botanical Songbird is a vibrant paper that combines birds and flowers in a contemporary palette of colours. While Deco Tropical has splashes of colour tied in with 20’s style geo prints – the best of both worlds for a fashionable home. 

Palettes of greens can bring a calming aura to interior spaces, too. Linen Palm Green is a timeless design that will suit traditional or modern homes, while Tropical Palm Green is a perfect choice for a chic, contemporary room – with a soft cream background for a touch of warmth.

You could decide that escapism is the solution. Whisk yourself away to more exotic shores with a palm print paper, like Banana Palm Charcoal – a grown-up monochrome take on the trend. Or go for Palm Cream Gold with metallic highlight to introduce a touch of glamour.

Florals can feel romantic, too – with papers like Diamond Flor Blush embracing big blooms in soft shades of pink, reminiscent of cottage gardens. And Mitzu, with its clean Japanese-inspired imagery taking you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The kids aren’t left out, either. Creating an imaginary outside world in their own space is easy with designs like Magic Garden and Jungle Mania ­– and with Cosmos they can bring a galaxy of stars and planets into their bedroom.