How To Measure Your Wall for Wallpapering

When you’ve made the decision to decorate, you want to make sure you have the right number of rolls to ensure no shortage, this me making sure you are measuring your wall right and it’s easier than you think. Read the guide to learn more.

Measure the Wall

With a tape measure, measure from the ceiling, at the highest point, down to the floor, at the lowest point. The measure the width of the wall at the widest point. Making a note of the measurements as you go.


Wall 1 - 150cm width x 220cm height.
Wall 2 - 180cm width x 220cm height.
Wall 3 - 110cm width x 180cm height.

Combine the height of your walls

Combine the height of you walls, if they are the same you can multiply them together if they are different heights, you will need to calculate each one individually.


Wall 1 and wall 2 are the same height so can be combined – 330cm x 220cm
Wall 3 - 110cm x 180cm

Get Dividing

You can now divide your wall widths by your wallpaper width to work out how many drops you need.


Using a 53cm wallpaper width

Wall (1&2) 330cm / 53cm = 6.22. Always round up = 7 drops.
Wall (3) 110cm / 53cm = 2.07. Always round up = 3 drops.


Next you will need to multiply the number of drops by the wall height.


Wall (1&2): 7 drops x 220cm height = 1540cm.
Wall (3): 3 drops x 180cm height = 540cm.

Pattern Repeat

If you are using wallpaper that has no vertical pattern repeat head straight on to step 6. Otherwise, there is still a little more work to do!

To work out the pattern repeat allowance, you need to add a pattern repeat for each drop, apart from the first one.


Using a 38cm pattern repeat.

7 + 3 drops = 10 drops.
10 drops – 1 = 9 pattern repeats required.
9 x 38cm pattern repeat = 342cm.

If your design has a half drop then you need to add half of your total pattern repeat again.


342cm total pattern repeat / 2 = 171cm.
342cm + 171cm = 513cm.

Add Your Totals Together

Add your totals together which will tell you the total meterage you require to cover your walls. Divide this by the roll length to work out how many rolls you need.    


1540cm Wall (1&2) width + 540cm Wall (3) width + 342cm pattern repeat = 2422cm.

2422cm / 1000cm (10 metres) = 2.422.

You can’t buy part rolls, so always round this up. Total requirement = 3 rolls.

Time to Order

Now you know how many rolls you need all that remains is to place your order.