How To Prepare Your Wall For Wallpaper

If you're looking at decorating your next room, wallpaper is a great choice to bring design and colour into a room. Once you've bought them rolls of wallpaper, you're ready to get decorating, or are you? Even if you plan to hire an installer, it may be up to you to know how to prepare your walls for wallpaper. To ensure the best finish to your wall and the wallpaper you hang, you want to make sure your walls are smooth and prepped. Here we'll tell you how to prepare your wall for wallpaper to get the best out of your wallpaper.

First steps

Make sure your walls are smooth, you want to start by removing any old wallpaper, nails, or hooks, inevitably this will these holes and bumps. You want to fill any holes with poly-filler and let it dry for at least 24 hours and then sand any bumps until you're left with a smooth and even surface. A smooth wall will make sure your wallpaper in being held fully against the wall and will prevent any issues over time.

Your wallpaper will look it's best on a flat wall, If your wallpaper is light in colour it is more likely to show imperfection as and if have its best look on a flat wall. 

Clean your surface

All that filling and sanding there may be all sorts of small dust particles that could prevent your wallpaper from sticking. You want to wipe down your walls with a a strong cleaner like sugar soap this will also get rid of any grease and other build up. You want to ensure your wall is dry before pasting.

Lining your walls

Wallpaper liner is an easy and inexpensive way to help create even smoother walls and helps increases adhesion by absorbing excess moisture and created a porous surface. Allow paper to dry for at least 36 hours before applying your top wallpaper design.

You’re ready to decorate!