Can your choice in paint colour really match your personality?

Choosing what colour to paint the rooms in your home can often feel like a difficult decision.

With so many tints, tones, and shades to choose from, many of us can end up taking several weeks and many, many paint samples later to decide which one we like.

The colours we choose to paint our homes, are more than just a design choice, they tell a story about who we are, our personalities, our style and can even directly impact our emotions.

To mark the launch of our Chalky Matt Paints, we’ve teamed up with Karen Haller, the UK’s leading Applied Colour & Design Psychology Expert and author of The Little Book of Colour, who’s shared her insights into the personality behind six colours from our new paint range and what this says about the decorator and their home…


This soft gentle pink expresses our caring, nurturing, compassionate side.  Spaces it works best in are those where you want to feel physically soothed. It’s like being wrapped in one big gentle hug and if there is a time that we need this given the 18 months we’ve been through it’s now. 



This soft light blue an ideal colour for spaces where you want to relax and soothe the mind, like you’re looking up at the blue sky. This would be your bedroom to aid in a good night sleep, the bathroom to unwind at the end of a busy day. 



Yellow is the colour of happiness, waving us a cheery hello! It’s the colour of sunshine. It lifts our spirits and fills us with optimism and hope. It’s ideal for spaces where we want to bring in some stimulating sunshine, to give us a boost of energy so a splash might be all we need.



White gives a heightened perception of space, giving the illusion of more space. Psychologically it’s uncluttered, there is no noise, no distraction, creating a sense of order.  It’s emotionally quiet, like turning the music down. It’s ideal for spaces where you feel you need respite from the noise and chaos. 



Grey is the colour that allows you to hibernate, to not be seen. It’s like wearing an invisibility coat.  It’s the colour that recedes. It takes a backseat allowing other colours to step forward and be seen and if you want something in a room to not be noticed.

Chalky Grey


Deep Azure is a dark blue, almost black. In daylight it looks the blue of the deepest ocean and at night like the depths of the night sky. This hue would be ideal in a room that you use in the evening where you want to create a sense of drama.

Deep Azure

Karen’s top tip when it comes to choosing colours for your home is to choose those that express your true personality, the colours you love to be surrounded by, those that support, nurture and bring you joy!