Create a cosy room with wallpaper


It’s that time year where there is nothing quite like a cosy home. Here are some great ways you can add a cosy touch to a room.

Time for texture

One of the ways to create a cosy feeling is by using texture, adding texture to your home is an easy way to bring a cosy feel. Add faux furnishings to your walls with our range of textured wallpapers.

Add colour, detail and warmth, with a subtle pattern, these wallpapers are perfect for all four walls.

Traditional feels

Checks, plaids, and tartans add an organic, natural feel and brings the outside in with this quirky interior design. Featuring warming neutrals and greys they bring to life the iconic heritage designs, which when layered on walls and furnishing create a cosy atmosphere.


Magical metallic

Indulge with metallic accents to create a warming effect, they disperse a warm glow around the room by catch the light beautifully.

Position metallic wallpapers near a natural light source such as a window, for different levels of shine from day to night, creating a cosy home with a luxe twist.

Decedent design

Damask, Ornate Motifs add a luxurious detail and opulent feel. Bring them in with a cosy palette of warming neutrals or statement deep tones.

Combine these statement designs with sumptuous soft furnishings and metallic accessories for full on opulence.


Shades darker

Don’t be scared to go dark, these tones create a cosy cocoon, take our Palm Palace Black or our emerald stone textures which creates the perfect base to layer