Unveil your adventurous side with Animal Wallpapers

Both children and adults share an attraction to our curious neighbours: Animals. Using animal inspired prints and motifs in interior design is not a trend that has emerged from nowhere. Like many other trends, this one is rooted in history too, in fact some current designs echo back to large scale tapestries that we can imagine adorning the walls of medieval palaces. But in today’s world, decorating with animal motifs, more specifically, animal wallpaper is both accessible and out there. 
For example, our luxurious and elegant Lazzaro Blue, featuring jewelled coloured peacocks is perfect to achieve that look of tapestry that will bring a sense of grandeur to any place.



One of our most successful products we have launched this year also features beautifully hand-drawn colourful birds, but on this design, they’re set on a sea of tropical leaves that bring that extra exotic feel to the room. Our Deco Tropical wallpaper comes in two different colourways, either or are sure to make a statement whatever the room they are hung in.

Deco Tropical

Another way of incorporating this trend at home is by using animal print wallpapers, they have been popular for a while now, so there is a wide range of styles and colours available to choose from. From the small and subtle take of our Leopard Skin, to the striking zebra print of our Serengeti Nights wallpaper. Certainly, one that will turn some heads!


In this space, Lucy @leopard_luxe_interiors beautifully mixes the striking Serengeti Nights zebra print with softer colours and finishes, we just love the result so much! Check out her account for some more animal print inspiration.

And remember, using these wallpapers to cover smaller spaces instead of all four walls, is a great way of tapping in this trend without fully committing to it.